Construction Disputes


In recent years, the construction industry in the U.S. has seen unprecedented growth. Construction of both residential and commercial buildings has increased rapidly. With the rapid growth in the industry, however, has come a rapid growth in construction-related disputes.  For a multitude of reasons, the faltering economy has increased the number construction disputes.  When you are faced with construction related legal issues, you need the assistance of an attorney with the unique perspective and experience of Terence P. Ruf, Jr. 

Despite everyone's best efforts to make everything work well, disputes may arise during any construction project. Disputes that arise during a construction project can cause delays that add to the expense of the project. Disputes that arise at any time are costly, and consume a great deal of everyone's time and energy.

Construction projects can give rise to massive legal issues and problems. In many cases, indentification of potential problems is paramount. Knowing what issues may come up is the first step in protecting against foreseeable disputes.  Agreeing to be involved in a construction project without adequate representation is recipe for undue trouble and expense for everyone involved.  Everyone involved in a construction project should have legal counsel to help protect him or her from what may arise.

I understand the construction industry and its customers.  I come from a family of master plumbers, carpenters, masons and mechanical contractors.  Terence P. Ruf, Jr. can provide you the counsel you need to protect your interests.  

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